A Contemporary Art Museum located in Tempe,AZ founded in 2012 by Christian Filardo, Chet Lawton, and Caroline Battle.

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flyer by Jill Marie Mason. Artist lecture by Peter Bugg and Kristin Bauer at 9 pm!

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Bucky Miller’s show, The Facsimile Test Generator opens this Friday at TMoCA be sure to come and check it out. Here are a few little sneak peaks!

Our next opening is Friday, February 22, 2013
The Facsimile Test Generator - Bucky Miller
Get Ready

More photos from the opening! 

Here are a few photos from the opening of “Grand Total” on Friday, more to come! Thanks to Amy Gochoel for the rad pics <3

Things are really shaping up for the grand opening! Here is a glimpse at the sandwich board and the space from the outside! 

Chet painted a mural on the back of the archive facing the alley way, you can drive past during the day and check it out! 

The Archive is getting very blue! Things are coming together, thanks to all of the people who have helped get the physical part of this space going! Bucky Miller, Steve Yazzie, James Fella, etc. Ya’ll are rad! Check it out! 

-TMoCA staff! 

Some updates were made to the archives this week, we got the VHS station up and going and got some nice things to make the space more comfortable. If you have books, VHS, or records/tapes you would like to donate email us! 



A poster I made for our first show “Grand Total” featuring art by Caroline Battle, Chet Lawton, and Christian Filardo. Get stoked ya’ll! Come by the museum and pick up a free one or contact me and we will arrange something! 

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